Linden Centre

We place a great emphasis on supporting patients, carers and families here at Trinity.

Our purpose-built Linden Centre, just across the road from our main buildings, can help those who feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed by illness. We can also help those struggling to cope after the loss of a loved one through terminal illness. We strive to provide a compassionate and comfortable environment that enables everyone to find the support they are looking for.

What matters to you

When you first contact the Linden Centre we will arrange an initial consultation, which is a session of up to one hour where we explore your current situation, talk about how you are feeling and find out what kinds of support are available to you. Please feel free to bring someone along. We will guide and advise you on services that Trinity can provide you with, or give information about other services that may be able to help. We will help you choose the best available combination of services to support you through this difficult time.

Further help

You may feel you need to visit the centre again to access some of our other services:

  • Books and resources about what you can expect during serious illness or bereavement
  • Bereavement Support Group meetings
  • One to one counselling from an experienced Trinity counsellor
  • Informal support from volunteer listener
  • COASTAL – our adult bereavement group therapy programme
  • CASCADE – our support service for children facing bereavement
  • Clinical psychology for patients facing serious and life threatening illness
  • Expressive Therapy groups for patients and group programmes for carers

To contact the Linden Centre please call us on 01253 595552 or email

Schools Link

This is a unique, specialist service offering support to school communities, professionals, parents, young people, children and families. We provide training, information and guidance around bereavement and significant loss – because some children and young people find it difficult to cope with life’s hard knocks.

In many schools, staff are trained to help children and young people who have experienced bereavement and loss, and Schools Link provides on-going support so that teachers can offer continuing care to pupils.

schools link pic 4

Research shows that many children and young people who have suffered significant loss will confide in a familiar member of staff in school, rather than a close family member.

School gives many children a feeling of stability at a time when home life may be almost unbearable. Our research shows that it has helped keep children and young people in education when they might otherwise drop out for a while, because the pressures and upset at home are just too great.

What does Schools Link offer?

Bespoke groups for children and young people:

Developed for children and young people who show difficulty expressing feelings and emotions, those who have regular outburst of anger, who have experienced loss in their lives or who have experienced a significant change in circumstances.


Staff training, networking days and Twilight sessions:

Training for all professionals working with children and young people, offering guidance and information on how best to support them through bereavement and loss. We have specialist days for school staff where we invite guest speakers to talk about their service or their own personal story.


Available to all schools, this offers a therapeutic space for children and young people who have experienced significant loss.

For more information contact the Schools Link team at The Linden Centre.

Linden Centre referrals

Critiria for referrals

  • Patients, their families and carers who are affected by a life threatening illness and experiencing problems ranging from sadness and worry to distress that is significant enough to prevent them from functioning as they normally would.
  • Families and carers who have been bereaved following a terminal illness, either recently or sometime ago, and who are struggling to come to terms with this loss.
  • The Linden Centre Service is divided into three significant areas of work: living with life threatening illness, bereavement and our service for children and young people – CASCADE.
  • The nature of the service we offer means it is essential that individuals or families be prioritised, and that the level of priority is regularly reviewed.

Please click Linden Centre Information Card to download a card with the telephone number you need to make an appointment for an assessment for adult bereavement.

Please download our Support Referral Form for children’s bereavement and living with illness as well as adults living with illness. This form IS NOT for adult bereavement.