Elephant in the Room

Memory elephants

How do you remember your loved ones?  Maybe you have photographs or keepsakes that bring back the precious memories that you shared.

Our memory elephants are a personal way to represent the love you shared and it began with one of our fantastic volunteers, Lorna Cunningham, who chose to use her late husband’s shirts to make an elephant.  Rather than give away Iain’s shirts to charity she used them to make elephants for her family and friends so they too could have something of his to remember him by.

In return for a donation to Trinity Hospice Lorna and her team of  brilliant volunteers  will make a memory elephant for you. Elephants can be made using shirts, night dresses or other pieces of clothing and are designed so that each one is unique.

Not only do you get a very special keepsake you might just find that ‘The Elephant in the room’ brings about an opportunity to share memories and talk openly about the passing of a loved one.

If you would like an elephant made from the clothing of a loved one please get in touch with Fundraising at Trinity Hospice for more information by 01253 359363.

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Elephant in the Room