Outreach team

Our Outreach team helps poorly children, young people and their families who need support at home.

What does our Outreach team do?

  • Assesses a child or young person who may need care at home
  • Works with the child’s GP, district nurse and other services to ensure that the right care is provided at the right time
  • Provides a listening ear and support
  • Provides care at the end of a child’s life, usually in the last few weeks, working with other professionals
  • Provides information and expertise to families and professionals
  • Visits Brian House children and families when they are in hospital for a prolonged period
  • Gives support around the time of a child or young person’s death, along with other services such as the Linden Centre
  • Works with others to ensure children are regularly reviewed

Considering everything

A child can be considered for our Outreach service as long as they fit our Brian House criteria. This means families who may require care at the end of life or specialist support for a period of time, possibly due to major surgery or prolonged hospitalisation or illness.

Our team comprises a senior nurse with broad experience of caring for children with special needs and looking after children in a hospice. She works alongside our wider Brian House team to provide each child with physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual care.